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Why Rackspace Outage Has Businesses Looking for New IT Providers

Rackspace Outage

The Rackspace Outage

The recent Rackspace outage has caused many businesses to reassess their cloud services and consider alternative IT solutions. Rackspace, a managed cloud computing company, suffered a major outage in early March 2023 that affected several of its data centers. The Rackspace outage lasted for several hours and caused significant disruptions for many of its clients

Why Switch to a New IT Provider?

If you are one of the affected businesses, it is important to act to make sure your operations continue without interruption. Switching to a new IT provider can offer several benefits, including better reliability, uptime guarantees, and customer support. It can also provide an opportunity to reassess your current IT infrastructure and identify areas for improvement

How to Switch to a New IT Provider

Here are five steps to help you transition to a new IT provider:

Step 1: Assess the Impact of the Rackspace Outage

The first step is to evaluate the impact of the outage on your business. Identify the systems and applications that have been affected and determine how long you can afford to be without them. This will help you prioritize your response and identify the services you need to replace

Step 2: Research Alternative IT Solutions

Next, research alternative IT solutions that meet your needs. Look for providers that offer similar services to Rackspace, but with better reliability and uptime guarantees. Consider factors such as cost, customization options, customer support, and security.

Step 3: Choose a Provider

After you have narrowed down your options, choose a provider that meets your needs and offers the services you require. Be sure to ask about migration assistance and support, as well as any costs associated with switching to a new provider.

At Bloomfield Networks, we offer a range of IT solutions to help businesses transition smoothly from their current provider to our platform. Our team of experienced professionals can help with migration, setup, and ongoing support to guarantee a seamless transition.

Step 4: Migrate Your Data

Once you have chosen a provider, work with them to migrate your data and applications to their platform. Do this carefully and with minimal business disruption.

Step 5: Test and Monitor

After the migration is complete, test your systems and applications to make sure that everything is working as expected. Watch your operations closely in the days and weeks following the migration to make sure that there are no unexpected issues.

To quickly move from an IT provider like Rackspace to one like Bloomfield Networks, follow these steps.

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